The Physics Show

Frank Cascarano’s The Physics Show is one entertaining show that explains the physics behind walking on hot coals and lying on a bed of nails , and lots of other fantastic stuff. Here Frank introduces the topics the show covers this year.physics12

A basketball in a wagon. Such a great way to explain Inertia. And why you should always wear a seatbelt.physics11

More inertia experiments. Like pulling out a tablecloth from under a lit candlestick. Reminds me of board game I loved as a kid called Pull the Rug Out.

I’m sketching quickly here, in the semi-dark auditorium, with my red/blue pencil, Sailor Bent Nib pen and rainbow pencil, trying to capture all the really fun demonstrations as they happen.

We all have theories on how to get ketchup out of a bottle, right? Well, Frank explains what happens and why it works.

We’re talking about Galileo now, and his experiments with pendulums, all of which started when he watched the chandeliers swing back and forth with the breeze at church. I’m guessing it must have been a very long sermon…

On the right, dropping paper and wood, to see which falls to the ground first.

A beautiful demonstration of the “Shoot the Monkey” experiment. Trying to understand it here on wikipedia is hard, but seeing it explains it a way you’ll never forget.

When I draw people, I always think about what it takes to capture them: With Frank what stands out is how much he uses his hands when he demonstrates and explains things, even when he’s telling you fun facts.

Here’s an experiment everyone loves: fitting lots and lots of balloons into a smallish container of liquid nitrogen. It’s amazing how many you can fit in there!

Saving the best for last. Frank sandwiched between planks of nails with a cinderblock over them. David brings a sledgehammer down, hard, over the whole setup. Did Frank end up injured? Dead?? Pierced by 800+ nails??? You’re just going to go see The Physics Show to find out!

And one last parting sketch of the beautiful apparatus setup to show how pendulums work. And the cleanup crew at the end of the show.

What a great show. All done by a bunch of volunteers for the love of physics. And the $5 ticket price? Guess what they do with it? What an awesome bunch of people!

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obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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1 Response to The Physics Show

  1. cathseager says:

    Really love your work and the quick sketches, this is something I do too and it’s so engaging and fun.


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