The week that was: everyday sketches from last week.

You’ve seen some of my little everyday sketches from last week already as I warmed up for my weekend workshops in Berkeley and San Francisco.

You might have noticed that these pastels are showing up a lot in my work. I’ve had them for a while and used them on and off but am only really starting to play with them and it is fun. I’m still only using them as dry pastels but they’re water soluble and make really rich colors when applied on a wet surface so there’s lots more to explore with them.


Here they are again, showing up in my little sketches done outside my local Whole Foods. People arriving and leaving with their groceries, catching a quick lunch in the sun…I don’t carry a whole set with me when I’m out and about, just a few broken bits in a ziplock bag.

Here’s one of the checkout line, sketched while I ate lunch. Bent Nib Sailor pen and watercolor this time.

The pear studies continue… there are so many little pear paintings lying around my studio now. I’m going to have to figure what to do with them!

From my two workshops this weekend ( what fun it was to sketch on superbly sunny days in Berkeley and San Francisco), here are some little studies made to demonstrate stuff we were discussed.
People enjoying their Friday afternoon on campus at UC Berkeley.

And a page from my sketchbook in San Francisco, where we observed and sketched moving people. These sketches compare shapes and details that you can observe and record to add dynamism to your sketches and the often-tiny differences that separate a standing and walking figure.

My kids show up in my sketches every week. Here is my daughter.

Until next week, keep sketching!

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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16 Responses to The week that was: everyday sketches from last week.

  1. Bella says:

    These are wonderful sketches! Love the immediacy of the added pastel colour. I always enjoy your pear sketches too, no matter how many you do. It’s inspired me to do them as well.


  2. I like playing with oil pastels, but it never occurred to me to pack some bits in my art bag before. I’ll have to try that.

    What brand of pastels are those? Have you tried working with them with water? I would think it would be a lot like watercolor, but maybe I’m picturing it wrong.


  3. Harold Goldfus says:

    I always enjoy looking at your gesture drawings , but the addition of the pastels really “pops” them. It makes me want to try brighter color pastels out on my own drawings.


  4. Don McNulty says:

    Suhita I get a ton of pleasure and motivation from your posts so thanks so much for taking the time and effort.


  5. Are you using Derwent Inktense?


  6. Mairead Madden says:

    You brighten up a persons day. Thanking you so very much. Sketching rules!


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  8. Jody J Bryan says:

    Love the bright colors of the pastels with the strong lines from the brush pen. Do you spray fix the sketches to hold the pastel? Thanks for the inspiration.


    • Jody, if I decide to keep a piece ( if it’s not in my sketchbook, I fix it. The ones in my sketchbook only get fixed if Im taking them out to frame. Otherwise they seem live quite well in there, and I don’t want to spray any more than I have to.


  9. in says:

    I like the different walking poses. Love the detail.


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