Monday Morning: Little sketches

Here are some of last week’s little sketches. While my little sketches, mostly done at home, don’t vary much in subject matter, I still enjoy just the act of making them, sometimes trying new stuff, but mostly just doing something over and over again in the hope that it becomes second nature and I start seeing and doing new things with it.

My fascination with my glass dip pen and watercolors continues. Here is a closeup from a sketch selfie done by turning my computer camera on myself. I find it much easier to draw if I have it in video mode and not frozen on one still image.

And this one, using the same medium is a portrait of my niece. Kinda messed up on proportions and gave her a really big forehead, but there’s a slight resemblance to her, which is a good start: she is one of the many people I draw pretty often but really struggle to capture a resemblance of.

A page of random little vignettes made while sitting in a cafe. Warm ups, really, just taking my pencil for a walk, using whatever I see around me.

A recurring motif that’s a recent addition to my everyday sketches: My daughter practicing the violin. It’s only been a few weeks of this new instrument in the house, and I’m fascinated by it’s beautiful curves and by the sense of balance and interplay between the player and the instrument. There will be lots more sketches on the subject for a while, I’m guessing.

Another common subject is my daughter doing Math homework. It takes her a long time to do. She’s not so happy about it, but it makes for good sketching practice. Here’s a first one from one evening.
homework_pencilAnd here’s another one, done soon after. I’ll often do more than one sketch of a subject, but I try to change something up. In the sketch above, I drew in pencil, used watercolor and then came back in with pencil for some dark areas ( The dark pencil is done later. This is a water soluble pencil, hence the dark color over still-wet watercolor). You can see from the step-by-step below that I worked quite differently in this next sketch. I think I overworked it in step 4: should have stopped a bit earlier, somewhere between #3 and #4.  A mistake I make pretty often.

My package of DeAtramentis Document Inks and Iron Gall ink from Goulet Pens arrived this week,and I had lots of fun testing it.

The purple Iron Gall ink is a truly gorgeous color and quite water resistant. I wouldn’t fill it in a fountain pen, though, since iron gall ink can damage a pen if left in too long. all the purples in the sketch below are made by running a wet brush over still-wet ink. The other colors are watercolor.

And in pears this week, playing with more dipping nibs.

And playing with all the fun new inks.
Now to load one of these into a pen: can’t figure what to start with- something unexpected, perhaps the fuschia or the yellow?


About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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3 Responses to Monday Morning: Little sketches

  1. Antje says:

    These sketches look like so much fun! It’s great how you just try things out; I find that one of the harder things to learn, to just try stuff without a specific goal in mind. Thanks for the inspiring blog post, I will try harder to be loosen up if that makes any sense at all 🙂


    • Antje, sketching regularly without a goal is hard. I find that using smaller books and cheaper, thinner paper, means I am more likely to sketch often and less likely to expect to try and make paintings. Try it


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