Impressions of Italy: Last sketches

As a tourist, I’m always struck by and want to sketch all the stuff everyone sees and photographs. Like the Coliseum.


But the stuff that I keep coming back to is the littler stuff, the quick sketches and little observations. Even this half finished one, which reminds me of a great coffee that went with it…

Or this one I didn’t have the patience to finish: whatever made me think I’d sit and draw every window in a row of buildings?

This barely decipherable sketch reminds me of being jostled through the Sistine Chapel, sketchbook in hand.

And this one was made standing at our apartment door in Venice, wondering how long it would take the kids to get their sandals on and get out for the day.

Street sign sketches are a favorite of mine.

And doorways. This one came with a tired tourist, checking her smartphone.

And this sketch reminds me of very hot it was everywhere we went.

This is a quick sketch to remember that the thing that fascinated me the most at the Uffizi in Florence were the endless ornately painted ceilings in every room and hallway.

Pattern is everywhere. Sometimes it’s fun  to switch from drawing gigantic and amazing architecture to just looking at surface decoration. Like these floor tile patterns inside St. Mark’s in Venice.

That story about Galileo’s middle finger (bottom right of the spread) is probably not true. But it makes for a great story. You may not be able to read my handwriting so here’s how the more colorful version of the story goes: When the decision was made to excommunicate Galileo from the church, he gave them the finger. The less interesting version of the story? Galileo’s finger is significant because it points up to the skies. Either way, it’s kinda strange to see a finger encased in a glass dome.

This last series of sketches was all made one day during a group tour through the Forum in Rome. One double-colored (red/blue) pencil, and a pen and a pencil, tucked into my pocket. And a small book. Perfect for recording impressions as we walked.

That’s about it from Italy, and until my next trip to who knows where, I”l be blogging adventures closer to home.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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8 Responses to Impressions of Italy: Last sketches

  1. It’s so inspiring to see all of your big and little quick sketches! When I’m traveling with my family, it’s hard to sketch and not slow everyone down, but seeing your quick pencil sketches is a great way to see how it can be done! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


  2. elena says:

    These are such an inspiration to “sketch first, think about it later” ! You really capture the experience…


  3. rhodadraws says:

    What a treasure trove! I especially love the rainbow pencil sketches….great way to pack a lot of color variation into those complex ceilings.


  4. Kate Burroughs says:

    Love all your quick sketches. I am leaving for Italy tomorrow and bringing a very small Moleskine and 8.5 x 11 sketchbooks. I will try to emulate you!


  5. D. Abreu says:

    Wow I love these sketches. I sketch very quickly because as I work full time at a super hectic pace my sketching time is limited therefore lunch time is my sketching time. During this short time I sketch quick and the sketches don’t always look great and I feel that I’m not progressing much in my skills. Granted I have never been to art school. Seeing your work inspires me to keep working on it.

    Liked by 1 person

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