Impressions of Italy: Fountains

If you must actually see the Trevi Fountain, wake up at 6am and walk to it. It’s about the only time you’ll see it in daylight without the crowds.rome_fountain

And when you’re done, go get your morning cappuccino and croissant.

7am, and the crowds are just arriving at the Fontana della Barcaccia (“Fountain of the Worthless Boat” ) by the Spanish Steps.

Sketch that fountain and then it’s time for another coffee. If you’re at Cafe Gilli, they can fancy it up for you with something from the bar.

By sunset, the Fountain of Neptune has it’s share of the crowds, but I join them and sketch a corner of it anyways. It’s hard for even a marble statue to look grand and dignified when there’s a seagull sitting on it’s head.

There’s drinking fountains all over the city and the water is cold, so fill up your water bottles when you pass one.
Last bits of advice, really . Look up. A lot. Besides the domes, the rooftops and chimneys are fascinating. Even just really ordinary ones.




About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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13 Responses to Impressions of Italy: Fountains

  1. asthaguptaa says:

    Your sketches are so lifelike I almost thought they were surreal photographs – captivating and gorgeous 🙂


  2. Grace says:

    Do you know the dates of the Chicago symposium next year. Seems like a long way off but have an event I need to attend in July and can’t come if is same week.i might not commit to my event but I need the date so that my name would not be included in the show Please get back if you know many thanks. Grace


  3. Nancy Armitage says:

    Leaving for Italy tomorrow with my sketchbook and paints. You are a great inspiration.


  4. zuzala says:

    I lived in Siena 37 or so tears ago. I cant begin to tell you how I am enjoying your drawings of Italy; unearthing some thiughts and mental images I havent had in quite some time. Thank you.


  5. Geo Sans says:

    thank you for sharing
    your wonderful sketches


  6. Cathy Mcauliffe says:

    Great series of posts and sketches. I love how you grouped them by subject.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Amazing sketches, Suhita, and you are sooo darn prolific…just incredible!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. rosjenke says:

    I love how you can say so much with a few lines and a splash of colour.


  9. Such a nice drawing, thanks so much for sharing the good feeling and beautiful picts.


  10. saragoli says:

    Incredible drawings!


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