Last little bits from Manchester

It’s almost time to say goodbye to Manchester. Blogging my sketches sort of extends my time in the city, but it’s drawing to a close. This is last little bits, most from my last day in the city, spent with Liz Ackerley showing us around the murals of Ancoats that she documented as urban sketches.


Here are the terraced houses of Ancoates built for the workers in the factories. There was so much more to sketch in this neighborhood, but by this point in my trip, I was running out of sketching steam. (yes, it happens !)manchester_terraced_houses

The afternoon was wet and best spent indoors. At the Museum of Science and Industry.

Here is a page of sketch notes for that afternoon among the huge cotton mill machines.

Looking back at my week, I think I did too few of these little pages of notes and sketches.

So it’s now  on my list of “do this more often”:quick little observational sketches, my shorthand memories, like these below.

working_peopleThe ever-present construction crews of Manchester.

Day 1 in Manchester, 3 relaxed pre-symposium sketchers.

People on the corner of Oxford and Whitworth Streets, Manchester.

That’s about it from Manchester (well, except my workshop review and pdf, coming next).

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2 Responses to Last little bits from Manchester

  1. Melissa says:

    I like the idea of standing on a corner and documenting the people who pass. Nice!


  2. D. Abreu says:

    Love it! Thanks for the posting.


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