Taking a break in Kendal

To take a break from the red brick of Manchester, I hopped on a train with sketcher friends from California, and visited the market town of Kendal on the banks of the river Kent. Kendal is a market town built on wool weaving and dyeing. It had everything: a castle, lovely narrow Yards that ran like labyrinths all through the town, fabulous gardens, panoramic views, bridges, tea rooms ( yes always important) and of course chimneys. Too much to sketch in a half day. And you’ll see I didn’t get far.

My chimney obsession continues.

With a break to draw the bustling life on High Street.

Then it was back to chimney pots.
Our hosts Lynda and Christine (the urban sketching community is amazing, everywhere you go there’s a friendly urban sketcher willing to show you their town) took us to a lovely tea place. Again, no photos, no sketching, too busy eating.
And then we had time for one last sketch before we caught our train back to Manchester. Here I try capturing how the streets in Kendal are all sloping. Sketching all the people that populate this space not only makes the scene come alive, it also helps define the space.

And since I sketched so very little of this amazing town, I’ll leave you with some photographs of things I wish I’d sketched. And of our merry band of sketchers from that day.

Back to more Manchester sketches tomorrow.


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7 Responses to Taking a break in Kendal

  1. zuzala says:

    Love the High street sketch! May I ask what color and brand you are using for your sky? (In my browser), the color is perfect! TIA. Sz


    • Thank you, I rarely have a single-color in a sky, even pretty flat colored California blue-skies. There’s Winsor and Newton’s Cerulean blue (red shade) in this sky for sure. But also mixed in is an ochre, a purple and probably a darker blue too.


  2. Eric says:

    Beautiful impressions!


  3. LauraLu says:

    I so love your sketching and placement and use of watercolors – wow! I want to paint like you ☺️
    Thanks so much for sharing. It’s fun following your posts. I am so glad I subscribed. I am really enjoying this. Thanks again!


  4. KB Garst says:

    Lovely! I literally have just started sketching last week. Thank you for sharing!


  5. Judi says:

    From one sketchers to another I love your sketch style. When you come to Oregon, let me know and we’ll sketch some pretty places.


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