Manchester 2016 : Day 4, the final day

You can tell by day 4, the final day, that it suddenly hits everyone: the symposium that just started is drawing to an end. On my morning walk to the symposium center, I see sketchers everywhere, grabbing one last sketch before the day begins. Here are Jane Blundell, Shari Blaukopf and Paul Heaston all enjoying the sun while they sketch.

Today I decide I have to draw a construction site because I can’t leave Manchester without sketching one: The city is full of cranes and construction crews everywhere you look. It would be interesting to see the city again in a few years with all the new buildings added to the skyline.

And amazingly, we have sunny skies today! And to top it off the city is full of people attending Comicon , which will be fun for my workshop to draw! You can see them show up below in my workshop demo sketch… but more about my workshop in another post.
day4_comicondemoIn the afternoon I attend Robyn Bauer‘s activity, The Body Language of Trees. We sit under trees in the park, look at them for a long period of time and then draw them using different prompts. Such a great way to slow down and look carefully at just one tree and record what you see and feel.


The rest of the evening just flies by with the final sketchcrawl, where I manage one small sketch.


It’s fun  to see a landscape littered with sketchers.

Since I’m busy sharing hugs and farewells, it’s hard to do more than add a few people sketches to a page as I wander around.  And while I add a little sketch of Marina Grechanik (Don’t know her work? Check it out now!), look at what she did!


Here is my finished page of sketchers. That rainbow pencil sure comes in handy when you want color but don’t want to carry around too much. I’m having fun learning to gain some degree of control over the color without giving up on the surprise element.

And it’s time for the group photo. How do they manage to fit us all in with our ever growing numbers. About 500 participants this year, from 45 ( 44?) countries!

More random shots of too few of my big family of urban sketchers.

And it’s a wrap. Thank you so very much to the organizing team that made this massive event possible. And now for next year…See you in Chicago!

The symposium might be over, but I stayed on a few more days, so there’s more sketches from Manchester coming soon, and also that workshop post I promised.

And if you missed my posts on day 1, day 2 and day 3,they’re all here.

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2 Responses to Manchester 2016 : Day 4, the final day

  1. gippyhenry7 says:

    What a fun day, Shuhita! Thank you for all of the photos. I almost felt like I was there. Love, love, love the tree studies. Obsessed with tree sketching. Thanks again!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rosjenke says:

    Thank you for sharing your sketches and experiences there. Almost as good as being there, not really 😄 But I have enjoyed your posts from the other side of the world.


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