Manchester 2016 : Day 3

Sorry for the very long silence. I meant to post everyday through the 4 day Urban Sketcher’s Symposium in Manchester, but by day 3, I gave up: the buzz, teaching, running around and sketching and attending activities when I was not teaching meantI never had the time to blog my day. So here is a very late report on Day 3.

The day started with another quick sketch session before teaching. This time it was boats on the canal and then a very quick view of the skyline. When I sketched the boats the sun broke out for a wee bit, and I hoped for a day with no rain during my workshop… but that didn’t last.manchesterday3_skyline

Here are photographs from another wet day with 16 brave sketchers sketching in the rain and putting up with being squeezed under little ledges for sharing and teaching sessions. I guess if you must do stuff that’s hard to do, you might as well do it in a workshop!

I have to say I kinda like when the weather paints a part of your sketch. Here is my demo sketch from that day, of a building with a lovely name: The Grosvenor Picture Palace. And if you look at the closeup, you can see that the rain painted in quite a bit of the texture for me. I liked this piece enough to donate it to the auction of original sketches on the last day of the Symposium and was so thrilled it went home with a sketcher friend.

The highlight of the day for me was the fantastic and very inspiring show by Lynne Chapman. In Unfolding Stories, created over a residency at the Morgan Center, Lynne says so much: Just the scale of what she achieved in a year is amazing. Even more amazing was walking up close to her pieces, looking at, and reading details of these accordion panels. ( no edits, no sketches thrown away, no erasing in this documentation, just a long, long string of sketches that tell wonderful stories of the everyday: amazing, isn’t it?) Lynne manages to bring alive whatever she documents. She give us a sense of the space she works in, and we feel like we know a little about every person she records. She explains really complex stuff in ways that make it simple to understand and touches on big concepts, little details, global truths and very personal stories. All in a voice and with a sense of humor that is truly and uniquely her own. I could go on and on about this show, but instead here are some photos from that day.


Did you miss Day 1 and Day 2? Day 4, the final day,  coming up next.

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13 Responses to Manchester 2016 : Day 3

  1. It was so nice to see you “in the flesh”, albeit in Parka’s video blog of the Symposium.
    The Symposium looked like so much fun.


  2. The Grosvenor sketch is a beauty!!!


  3. Lynn says:

    Always love your work – it’s distinctive and so lively I feel a rush of happiness looking at them.

    I have a question about the ink you are using. It appears many of your sketches are still done with the Sailor Fude, which I love as well. I have been filling mine with Carbon Platinum black which is supposed to be ultra permanent but for a while now it has bled when touched by water on Stillman & Birn Alpha and Beta sketchbooks, and Canson multi-media. Have they changed their formula? I find Noodler’s supposed bulletproof inks like Baystate Blue bleed as well. I ‘m wondering if the surface sizing is the issue?

    What are you using with apparently no bleeding problems?

    Thank you Suhita for all your joyous work.


    • Lynn, I’m using both Carbon Platinum ( make sure you have the carbon platinum, and not the carbon) and DeAtramentis document ink in all my Sailor pens. No clogging, no bleeding. That said, I’m not super finicky and if there is a little feathering or bleeding, I’m totally good with it: most of the time any bleeding I have is because watercolor goes on my paper before the pen is dry or I draw on a watercolor base when it is quite wet. I like to see all my media sort of fuse together…I’ve only heard of bleeding in those two inks when 1) the Carbon ink wasn’t the platinum kind, and when you buy from a 3rd party on amazon, where you can’t be sure it’s truly the real thing.


      • Lynn says:

        Thank you Suhita – I bet that’s it! I do often buy from different stores through Amazon and did not realize that there there could be substitute products. I will check my ink also and see if I don’t have the full carbon platinum type.

        I very much appreciate your help and will look for De Atramentis ink also. And just so you won’t think I would bother you with a minor bleeding problem, I’m talking about a full melting no different from a water-soluble type ink or pen I sometimes deliberately use.


  4. This seems like the perfect place to bring out your talents! Thanks for sharing your experience.


  5. TheArtistOnTheRoad says:

    Sorry to hear it rained on your class but it looks like you made the most of it! I love the sketch where the rain helped you paint. I’ve had that happen too and sometimes it works like magic! I would have loved to see Lynne’s show. So lucky your to have seen it!!!


  6. Mona says:

    Love your Grosvenor Palace sketch and your people are so lively! Hope to see you again in Chicago (we met in Paraty)!


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