Cobalt Teal Blue

Do you have colors you get fascinated by every once in a while? When you carry around a small, limited palette like I do, you need to make sensible color choices, but every so often I have in there a fun color.  Right now my palette contains a gorgeous color called Daniel Smith Cobalt Teal Blue. And now that it’s on my colors-I-love list, I seem to “find” it in everything I paint.


Like in these macaw sketches.


Or in this watercolor of a summertime swim.kswim

I even find it in minuscule (but quite visible) little quantities in just about any piece I paint. (Can you spot the streak of blue?)LG_pleinair3

Do you have a current favorite ‘fun color’? Or one you never thought would last but has come to live permanently in your palette?

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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5 Responses to Cobalt Teal Blue

  1. karyssaadair says:

    I have to agree on your Teal Blue, what an eye-catcher.


  2. Wonderful sketches!
    A color that I really love is green gold (or gold green), I use it in nearly every palette (and every painting). I never thought I would use it a lot at first but now it is essential for me:-]]


  3. zuzala says:

    cobalt teal blue and colbalt turquoise are my favorite fascinations as the moment


  4. TheArtistOnTheRoad says:

    I use cobalt turquoise (WN) which I think is similar and love it, so I understand your fascination with it!


  5. rosjenke says:

    Super sketches. Love the water, and it looks like your cobalt teal has taken a walk next door. I love it too but I haven’t figured out how to stop it migrating to other colours.


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