Back to the Beach

There’s a reason for that feeling of deja vu. Yes, I’m back at the same beach I sketched at last week: Back at Natural Bridges State Beach.

So, more beach sketches.

And one more.

It’s so hard to paint in the super-bright light at the beach, and everything looks a bit washed out back home in more normal light. And there’s sand all over my sketch, which I don’t mind. It’s the sand in my paints that is so hard to get rid of.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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10 Responses to Back to the Beach

  1. M N Rajkumar says:

    Following your work. It is really great.


  2. Soni says:

    Love these !!!!! Beautifully done & delightful. Please tell what WC book are you using. It looks like paint granulated more. Thank you.


  3. gippyhenry7 says:

    Love your sketches! As a fine artist most of my life, I now so wish I had stuck with sketches and got into illustrations. So, I envy you! Love your technique. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see the next . . . Gippy


    • Thanks Gippy… I don’t even think of sketches and “fine art” as separate work: every once in a while i’ll pull a piece out of my sketchbook, frame it and enter it into a show… I think it’s all pretty fluid, and I bet you could work in both a sketchbook and the medium you work with now. Would love to see your work sometime.


      • gippyhenry7 says:

        I’ve worked in both in my younger years, Suhita, and fell in love more with fine art. Wish I hadn’t gotten so far away from sketching and illustration. But now I’m writing novels and have little time for my art. I did the circuit–lots of juried shows, won a few awards, sold a few paintings, etc. and will probably do a few more portraits of family, but not much more. Keep your sketches coming. I really enjoy them.


  4. sueashby7 says:

    This one is so fabulous, I can smell the salty air. You are so good!


  5. Mary McLaughlin says:

    Absolutely LOVE these sketches, sand and all, and maybe especially with the sand 3-D effect! Your work has so much aliveness to it that it’s almost like being there.


  6. I love seeing beach sketches – you get the craziest people, outfits and poses at the beach. Great character studies, here You captured the atmosphere, too :3


  7. susancooke says:

    I love this sketch, its so fluid and the people appear to just melt into the sand!

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