Car Wash

Taking my car to the carwash doesn’t happen very often at all. Here it is in pictures.

The process is so quick, it’s hard to keep up. I made each of these mini sketches a couple of minutes apart as my car advanced another spot closer in the long line. It’s quite a juggling act, driving a car length to advance in the line, getting back to capturing the action, then moving again.carwash1

And then when I got to one-spot-before-the-car-in-the-tunnel, they started soaping and spraying my car. And my sketches descended into confused visions seen between soap suds.

This last one is while my car got cleaned on the inside and wiped down.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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5 Responses to Car Wash

  1. You deserve a prize for being the speediest sketcher on the planet! while still capturing the essence of the action. I am in awe.


    • Thanks Susan, I paused before posting these because they’re at the very edge of being drawn so fast ( I had to) they descend into chaos ( well, the middle sketches is most definitely one of those) . I think using local color helps make sense of the sketches when they’re that quick: yellow for gloves, blue for shirts.


  2. Judith says:

    terrific idea Suhita. My group needs to learn to draw people fast and know its ok not to have it Perfect! Thank you for showing them! Judith (Gulfport Urban Sketchers)


  3. Judy Salleh says:

    Brilliant! I especially love the one with the suds as I can almost feel being there!


  4. rhodadraws says:

    You continue to prove that ANYTHING can be a good subject for sketching.


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