Long study/quick study


On the left, a longer (40ish minutes) study. On the right, about 15 minutes, maybe less. The longer study on the left preceded the shorter one.

What isn’t here is the 2 quick sketches of this same pose that preceded this: in charcoal on newsprint and then on tinted paper.

The more sedate a pose gets, the harder it is to keep it looking vibrant. And I’m always tempted to work just quickly and gesturally because it comes naturally to me and I find it to be fun. But longer studies like the one on the left help me
a) learn to slow down
b) observe more carefully
c) get better at understanding anatomy
d) get better at drawing that quick, gestural piece I love doing
e) do something outside my comfort zone

Enough reason to plug away at them, right?

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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6 Responses to Long study/quick study

  1. You sound like me….slowing down has been a big theme of mine lately. I love figures….I miss figure drawing! I love your figures……:)


  2. mirobolante says:

    I wonder if slowing will change your personal and excellent style. We´re not more recognize your sketches…. well, is just my opinion.


    • Thanks for the comment, mirobolante. I don’t worry too much about personal style: it’s not something I’ve ever tried to consciously cultivate… I doubt I will ever be completely comfortable working slowly and meticulously, but working outside my comfort zone does keep me from narrowing in and just becoming all about just a ‘style’. A narrow style is often interesting to a viewer because it helps them match up artists and artwork. But it would be ( I imagine) so boring to the artist to not grow…


      • mirobolante says:

        Well, you´re right, Sushita. I understand your point of view and your will to evolve. Good work ! I´ll continue to be a enthousiastic viewer.

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  3. hey Suhita, great post! The parameter of time investment in drawing/painting keeps me busy as well. I’m a person of short processes, fast satisfaction. Sometimes I wonder if that’s my approach, or just shortest way I found. I also love to “break” myself by forcing my process to slow down, if it by just giving myself more time, or changing technique or media. It always brings me to a different place. Looking forward meting you soon!


    • Marina, you put that so well. I do think I operate better when I draw quickly, it almost takes the laboured, over-analysed (for me)bit out and I am often surprised by what I see and capture because I draw ‘without thinking’… but I do like forcing myself to work at a different pace as an exercise. I believe it pays back in my fast drawing too. Yes, so looking forward to seeing you soon!


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