Annual Art Show

school_art3Every year, I get to be one of many Visiting Artists at our school’s art show. I’m always setup with a table, but like to walk around with my book and sketch, so I used the table to set up books on sketching for my ever-growing collection: who doesn’t like a table full of books with pictures that you can flip through?

I love drawing people looking at art. There is the art on the wall, and there are people walking past it, and the challenge for me is to capture that fleeting moment when a kid spots their piece on a wall and points it out to a parent, or when they reach out and touch a piece they find fascinating.

Then, I wander over and sketch other artists.

On the left, Daichi Ito strikes a classic ‘standing-and-sketching’ pose. Here, the little kids use digital media to draw and Daichi uses his ipad and sketches them in Adobe Sketch. And then I stand back from the scene and capture it all in analog. Somewhere in there is something poetic that I don’t have the words for. On the right is probably the most popular booth of the evening, with Kathy Clayton decorating all sorts of cookies: Hello Kitties, rainbows, hearts, flowers and more.

In the cafeteria, where all the art is on display for the evening, is a piano kids can come and play at.

On the left is Aaron, playing the Star Wars theme. On the right a sketch of people looking at art that I never finished, because I ran off with my sketchbook to watch the Middle School Orchestra play outside.

Those sketches? Coming tomorrow.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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2 Responses to Annual Art Show

  1. wendymuldon says:

    I specially love the boy playing the piano sketch! So nice!


  2. miatagrrl says:

    What a fun day this must have been! You are a master at capturing “the point” and “the reach”!

    – Tina


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