An old-fashioned grist mill

If you are up in wine country near St.Helena, stop by Bale Grist Mill, a fascinating water powered mill built in 1846.mill1

Mario was our miller and tour-guide for the day and he told the most fascinating stories of the history of the area. He also ran the mill and ground up a few bags of flour that we could buy. It was fabulous to see all this old wooden equipment come alive, powered by a giant water wheel.



So now I’m home with fresh bags of whole wheat flour and of polenta, and if the old-timers are right, I’m going to be baking amazing bread. ‘Cause here’s what they said ( quoted right from the Bale Grist Mill Historic Park site):

“When meal comes to you that way, like the heated underside of a settin’ hen, it bakes bread that makes city bread taste like cardboard.”

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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5 Responses to An old-fashioned grist mill

  1. Beauuuutyy! *,* 😀 that is really good!


  2. Wow… that water wheel is particularly amazing… love the light on it… just beautiful work! 😍


  3. I really enjoyed your posts and drawings, and I love the story, you inspire me to get out and try sketching the machinery and buildings in my area. By the way, I know of the area, especially the Sattui Vineyard, love that place. 🙂


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