3 days with Tom Hoffman: Day 3

Day 3. Back to the Dogpatch. I found that when a pencil study doesn’t help me solve much,hoffman_suhita_6a

A watercolor study in monotone is much better. hoffman_suhita_6b

Followed by this. The hardest part of this was adding that vertical drybrush shadow I added in last. You can see my first sketch covered with ‘practice strokes’…


I started on another study but didn’t get further than the monotone watercolor.


And after a bunch of (for me) calm studies in the morning, this one below is jumping right in with color  and flat shapes and having a ball. hoffman_suhita_8a

I had so much fun I started on a new one, but then decided to leave it unfinished to move to our last location of the workshop…hoffman_suhita_8b

Painted from inside the yellow cab taxi shed, looking out.  We sat far back in the shed and painted it’s huge, cavernous structure


And with that the workshop was done- too soon.
Day 1 of the workshop is here. Day 2 is here. Wish you’d been there? Well, until you can take a workshop with Tom, here’s his book.


About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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10 Responses to 3 days with Tom Hoffman: Day 3

  1. I loved these!!!!!!!! Wow they are reallllllyyy cool! Seriously! I’m going to try to copy this work. :p


  2. Thank you for sharing these wonderful paintings. I hope tolearn from them!


  3. I absolutely love these! The first one after your sketches is my favorite, wow….what were your choice of colors?


    • Thanks Margaret, it’s hard to tell exact colors because I rarely stick with pre-determined color mixes. So this is an inexact answer: in that mix of bluish and brownish neutrals is a lot of cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, burnt umber, burnt sienna, and quin gold . if you see my dry-brush stroke practice on that very first image you’ll see how I lad my brush with different colors and let a lot of mixing happen on the paper. Hope that helps!

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  4. Andrea R Huelsenbeck says:

    It’s amazing how photographic the third sketch is. You do such beautiful work.


  5. Never thought industrial areas could look so good! You are a true artist Suhita! I salute your passion!


    • Thanks Mona, I love industrial stuff, big city stuff: you know how you retreat to nature for peace of mind and inspiration? Me? Put me in the middle of rushhour in Bombay and I can paint my heart out!


  6. Susan Wilson says:

    What a great shift this has been for you. I love this series from the workshop and enjoy seeing how expansive it has been for you. Always great to see how you interpret what you see in front of you.


    • Susan, I agree, very different form my usual work: I think that’s me in any workshop, big shifts, and then, over time, a return back closer to where I am before, but hopefully, with learning, inspiration and concepts form the workshop integrated into my work.


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