3 days with Tom Hoffman: Day 2

No rain today, so we painted outside all day starting with these skyscrapers.

This was the toughest subject for me. Give me the broken windows of the warehouses in the Dogpatch, or the madness of Chinatown and I’m at home. But straight-lined orderly buildings are hard to paint! Still, it was great to try so many new and different studies, even if they didn’t go far. Here they are, all of them:


I could’ve gone somewhere with this one but I gave up on it too soon…hoffman_suhita_4b

And the trouble with doing that, just dumping one study without figuring exactly what went wrong and moving to another, is that you end up with the same problems all over again. Brighter colors, same issues.

That afternoon we painted in Chinatown. Again, two studies for the exact same spot. I did study #1, thought it was too fussy and jumped into study #2…



And that was Day 2.
Day 1 is here, and our final day is coming up next.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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8 Responses to 3 days with Tom Hoffman: Day 2

  1. I think they are beautiful as is!! Either Chinatown study, or the pale buildings – I’d be quite happy with results like these – looks like a great course!


  2. Patience and perseverance paid off ..love the Chinatown #2 thanks for sharing…keep them coming…love!


    • thanks Mona, its easy to persevere when the process is so exciting. Honestly, I can’t even tell when I’m just done whether a piece is good, bad, anything in between… and it doesn’t really matter because just being in looking/painting mode is what is so exciting.


  3. Lisa Franklin says:

    Looks like a wonderful workshop and in a great location! I have Tom’s book and so enjoy it!


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