Magical Leg Splints


For a while now, my daughter has been wearing leg splints, which means they’ll turn up in my sketches, just like all the ‘doing homework’ sketches make a regular appearance. I’ve been sketching her of course, but I wasn’t sure she was okay with my drawing her splints (she didn’t see why not when I asked).

Here is Brian making casts for her splints. I expected a long process with Plaster of Paris and a long casting time involved. But this was quick: fiber glass wrapped around her leg like gauze that hardened into shape in under 2 minutes… too quick for anything but the quickest capture.


Those splints are quite a work of art: the more I draw them the better I understand them. They fit her whole foot, toe to calf, like a glove (but made from a hard plastic), and she wears them everywhere.k_splint1

Sometimes without socks, like below, but mostly with really colorful patterned socks that I need to draw sometime.k_splint2

One day the splints will be gone (and we’ll all be so happy when her foot issue is fixed) but there will be these sketches to remember the splints phase. Which made me think of how much sketching means to me: a way to record the everyday and to understand complex things. That understanding takes looking very closely. And when you look closely, even seemingly mundane stuff is pretty amazing. Like the magic of how Brian made those splint casts and how those splints ( with a lot of physical therapy, and hard work from my daughter and the team that works with her) are going to fix those legs, pretty soon.

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5 Responses to Magical Leg Splints

  1. Nancy Bardosdos says:

    Yes, your sketches of this era will be excellent reminders and bring back memories of the challenges and triumphs of this time. Glad to hear she is getting such good care. I was a PT about 100 years ago (well, seems like it) and my final stint happened to be at Valley Medical Center in San Jose……my specialty at that time was wound care…..and your sketches and story made my mind leap back immediately to those long ago days. I have only recently started following your work, thanks to Liz Steel mentioning you. So glad she did! Oh, one more thing…..I lived in Palo Alto for over 25 years and I loved your recent post of sketches of the Stanford Theater and the former Varsity. Brought back MORE memories! Thank you!


    • Thanks for writing in,Nancy. If you’re looking to see more of your old haunts, just search ‘Palo Alto’ on the blog… I’ve sketched there on and off for years now!
      And yes, I do think we will look back at the splints sketches a long time from now and remember our splint days 🙂


  2. Lee Kline says:

    Lovely drawings, as usual. When I was a kid (I’m 75) we had only that awful, massive plaster cast. This seems so much better.


  3. miatagrrl says:

    These sketches are such a personal and intimate way to record something that might be private to someone. It’s so different from taking photos.



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