Drawing the familiar

Do you ever feel like you know something so well, it’s a bit intimidating to try and capture it? I live in Almaden at the very southern tip of San Jose. And right behind home is a range of hills with a building atop the most distant one, called Umunhum Conservancy. For something that looks like a concrete box, and a tiny one at that, I’m strangely fond of it: it’s kinda iconic and it’s visible from many miles away. And, at the end of a long drive in Bay Area traffic, seeing it means home is not far away.

The trouble is, feeling I know it so well makes it hard to draw. So I gave it a shot today: That very small square in the distance is the said Umunhum Conservancy. I can only say I’m going to have to go out and give it another shot again, another day, because these just don’t capture what the scene looks like in my mind’s eye.



Still, it was good to get those first two sketches, both for the same location, done.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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7 Responses to Drawing the familiar

  1. Miú says:

    To me you did a great job, Suhita! Both paintings have a dreamy, impressionistic quality to them, as if they actually reflected a place you know well and feel attached to.


  2. What a great idea! Nice work!!


  3. Jack Smith says:

    I love your sketches of Mount Umunhum. I lived on the summit as a teenager in 1971/1972, my dad was the medic at the Almaden Radar Station. To this day it is the favorite place I have ever lived. Thank you for sharing these.


  4. Marlene Lee says:

    Beautiful! You have a way to capture a complex landscape.


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