Vintage Signage and the Mercury News.

Yes, more vintage signs from around San Jose.
The Flamingo Motel. The Alameda, San Jose.

vintage_oshAnd this Orchard Supply sign , probably from the 1950s. In the background a del Monte water tower that I want to draw someday soon.

The San Jose Mercury News ran this piece last week about my vintage sign sketches.


I really liked how the piece appeared in all the neighborhood newspapers, where they used different sketches for each supplement. Now I have a whole collection of local newspapers with different sketches in them!

What I’d really like to do is go beyond the South Bay and draw these vintage signs from all over the Bay Area: the Mid-Peninsula, San Francisco, the East Bay… before they disappear! But until I find a way to put some serious time into it, it’s one sign at a time to add to this collection.

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obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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20 Responses to Vintage Signage and the Mercury News.

  1. Lynn says:

    Congratulations Suhita, the article is wonderful and your photo flattering. You should feel such deserved pride both in your enormously appealing work, so full of life, and the fact that this is a subject many people will now take notice of because of you as well as the residents who already take an interest in signage.

    I learned something new too. I always thought of ‘reportage’ work as serious, mostly sad stuff like protests, weather disasters etc. How terrific to realize how wide that term can be.

    Thank you for showing the news coverage.


    • Lynn, I’m just happy to sketch those signs, I love them. And about reportage, just like all other news coverage, it involves everything, including the floods and protests, which cover too. But visual reportage is essentially storytelling of any kind through images, and all sorts of stories make up that mix.


  2. rhodadraws says:

    Delighted to see your vintage signs published, Suhita! When you add sketches from all over the bay area, I’d like to see them in book form.


  3. Irene Reinhold says:

    That is fantastic. Congratulations I am one of your Craftsy online students. You are a great teacher and have inspired me greatly. Thanks. Irene


  4. Art at Hand says:

    I love that you are capturing vintage signs! So many are being torn down. If you are in Southern California, there are a handful around. I know Oceanside and Escondido still have some old motel and bowling lane signs up, but they are disappearing. ~Serena


  5. You richly deserve all this marvellous publicity, Suhita – what a marvellous collection!


  6. joreimer says:

    What we’ll deserved news coverage that surely makes residents of each neighborhood proud of their community. I’ve found that one cane have greeting cards and postcards printed quite reasonably. Have you considered placing cards for sale in shops in each community? If I lived there I would buy a bunch to send to friends and family.


  7. Vivian A Aldridge says:

    So wonderful you can use your talents to capture the emotional essence of bygone days. I also like the title “Quick Draw” which is used on each edition. Great work! This is why sketchers should be considered national treasures 😉


  8. Congratulations Suhita. I love it that so many more people will get to see your wonderful sketches!


  9. It’s so awesome that they put a different sketch on the front page of each! What a compliment to your work, and what great publicity, too!


  10. Recognition, that’s great! Have you done the sign for the Cinderella Hotel on El Camino in Palo Alto? Gosh, I hope it’s still there. It’s straight out of fantasy land. I used to work in Palo Alto and it was a favorite landmark.


  11. Shobha says:

    Congratulations, Suhita, for well deserved recognition.


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