What’s in my sketch kit?

Every once in a while, the question pops up in the comments on this blog: “What’s in your sketch bag?” And while I post about my sketchkit once in a while, enough of it changes over time, and at some point it’s time for an update. So here goes.

Not everything that shows up in a sketch like this is constant: I’m always trying something new, mixing it up a bit, playing with something , and every once in a while, something will stick. And even more rarely, an old favorite disappears.

So what’s gone away? Shockingly, my Pilot Pens. I once drew everything with them. Now they’re gone. The fountain pens have taken over!

My list of “this is new and I haven’t played with it enough yet”? The two Handbook Journal Sketchbooks, red and blue, in the sketch.

What’s there sometimes, and not at other times? The Lamy Safari, the white gelpen and blue CarbOthello Pencil, the Kuretake Sable Pen, and the pencils: these get taken out when I need a minimal kit, as do any new supplies I’m trying out. I love these supplies, I just need to carry a really small kit sometimes.

Which leaves me with my absolute must-haves.
My go-to sketchbook, the Stillman & Birn Beta Watercolor book.
Both my Sailor Bent Nib pens (with either DeAtramentis Document Black Ink or Carbon Platinum Ink in them).
The Pentel Brush Pen.
My Rosemary & Co Dagger brush.(new-ish to my kit over the last few months, but I love it so much already it’s going to stay for sure)
An Escoda travel brush or two.
And my Winsor and Newton travel watercolor kit with an assortment of watercolor paints ( from different brands) in half pans.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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10 Responses to What’s in my sketch kit?

  1. graceyann says:

    Suhita, that is a yummy drawing. Art things are so fun to see and to paint with!
    I just started your online Craftsy class so I have much practicing to do. Luckily I have a sailor fude pen, so I will use that.
    Thank you for your lovely and lively drawings. You inspire me to keep sketching!
    Also, is your Escoda travel brush the Reserva Escoda? And what size would be a good first one. I don’t paint very big. Thanks.


    • Grace, glad you’re doing the course, I hope you enjoy it! The Escoda I use is a Reserva, I use a 12 and an 8, both of which are biggish, but then I work loose, so I rarely use a very small brush.


  2. rhodadraws says:

    Really great to see what’s in your kit! I like having my “absolute must-haves” with me at all times, and experimenting with different tools. I recently added a white Gel pen to the mix.


  3. teresac831 says:

    Muchas lapiceras lindas que nos enseñarán a hacer LINDA LETRA


  4. maybe you can help me i am taking this big trip to Washington D.C and I was no clue what to bring there is just so many places i want to draw!


  5. Sue Pownall says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve also added a white gel pen recently – this year’s sketcher’s “must have” I think 😀


  6. Thank you for this. Found it very instructive. Fountain pens… why not ? I allways have two with me, for writing. I never really thought to use them for drawing.


  7. patralee says:

    I am a novice at painting and you have just become my current guide and favourite!


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