At the Children’s Discovery Museum

Today I was Visiting Artist at the Children’s Discovery Museum, San Jose. They offer a super-flexible and fun program where artists get invited to come in and do what they do best. So of course I said I’d love to come sketch.

And in preparation for the day, I went in over to the museum in the middle of last week and sketched some of my favorite things in an accordion-fold book: the beautiful stagecoach that once carried mail across the country, the fire engine, the mammoth model, and more.


And then I was back today, in the Art Loft, with a couple of really fun still life setups that were arranged for the kids. Who wouldn’t want to draw something as fun as this? Fruits, vegetables, flowers and plastic models of bees, sheep, pigs, dinosaurs… At any point, there were at least 30 kids in the room, from ages 3 to 10, making accordion fold books full of drawings. And that sounds like a lot, except that I always had lots of volunteers and program assistants to help me through the day.

The interesting thing about working with kids is that every once in a while, you might make a suggestion, or remind them to look at something, but you really don’t need to teach them anything: they already know how to draw, are super comfortable and confident doing it, and are full of ideas.

Which meant that I had a lot of time through the day to sketch too. And I filled yet another accordion-fold book full of sketches- of the kids.


Thank you to the wonderful Visual Arts Development team at the Children’s Discovery Museum for having me over for the day. I hope the kids had fun because I certainly did!

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10 Responses to At the Children’s Discovery Museum

  1. Laurie Householder says:

    I love your sketching and color palette. For the accordion books, what paper did you use?


  2. Margaret Hunt says:

    Such fun. How long are your accordions. Dimensions?! Thanks!!


  3. Irene Reinhold says:

    Sounds like a fabulous day for all. I wish as an adult one could shed the hesitation fear and uptightness and return to the childhood joy of just creating.


  4. Pat brookes says:

    Did you sketch on the backs lso? Will you make a cover for the book?


  5. Margaret, I got mine online at, but Amazon has them too. I love the paper for watercolor, but it’s a bit too thick for dry media. Also, I go through a LOT of pages, really quickly, so a $15 book that lasts one long sketching session is an expensive idea! But the paper is lovely.


    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Thanks. I zipped thru mine in no time too but it is fabulous paper. Will check the block store when I go to Atlanta next week.


  6. Margaret Hunt says:

    Ps did I say I have a gift certificate and was going anyway?! 😊👍🏻


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