People at work: Potters

Here are two sketches from my visit to Blossom Hill Crafts, a pottery studio close to where I live. While I was there, my sister threw a bowl and I sketched the studio on a quiet Sunday afternoon.


The fantastic thing about having a sister who throws pots is that you inherit every piece she rejects, which means you end up with the most beautiful paint water containers and pencil holders.


It was great to draw people working with total focus, whether at the wheel, glazing,  or wedging clay.


There is something so beautiful about watching someone bent over a wheel, helping a mound of clay spiral up into a pot.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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8 Responses to People at work: Potters

  1. These are amazing sketches, Suhita…you capture a sense for what people are doing as well as their context, as only you do so well!!!


  2. What beautiful ‘cast offs’, you are a lucky sister indeed!


  3. sallysuccess says:

    Wow, pretty sketches. Wish I could do such!


  4. Bruno says:

    Hi Suhita!
    I sketched at a pottery studio last year. And I participate in your activity “NEVER FEAR THE PEOPLE” in Paraty. I will post this design soon. bye Bye 😉


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