The Cantor Museum and Stanford Bikes

I was at Stanford University one morning to see Richard Diebenkorn’s sketchbooks. It was as fabulous as I expected it to be! If you can’t make it to the Cantor Museum, then please see the sketchbooks through this interactive feature, they are superb. Diebenkorn’s books have such a personal and strongly emotive quality. You can see him think and feel on paper.

And a fabulous bonus at the same museum were drawings, reportage really, by Red Horse of the Battle of Little Bighorn.


The Cantor Museum doesn’t open until 11am, so when I got there a little early, I had time for one quick sketch near the Stanford Quad, looking towards towards Hoover Tower. I love how busy this street always is, with bicyclists and students. I’ve drawn this view before, quite a while ago, and it’s interesting to see how my sketching is similar and different over the years.

Here’s my sketch before color and gel pen…


And after. I still get carried away with the gelpen, it is just so much fun to add little details and squiggles with it…


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