The ones that don’t work out… and a new brush

Usually I’d just post this sketch. Maybe with a caption that says “Watercolor study, 10-15 minutes”.

But doing that is just half the story, and probably the less important half. Because that quick, no-pencil, straight-to-paint capture was attempt #2 (or #3, depends on how you count)

I started with a quick charcoal sketch that I can’t find anymore- to try and understand form and light. That was followed by watercolor attempt#1, which I spent a lot more time over: pencil underdrawing, and a more layered approach with watercolor. At some point, though, I stepped back, looked at it, and felt I’d totally overworked it and ended up with scattered bits and pieces of light and shade all over my figure. So with 10ish minutes to the end of the pose, I went straight to paint with attempt#2.

1_2_sketchCouldn’t have done #2 without the overworked #1 piece, and the charcoal study before it, though. All those failed attempts count for a lot more than they’re give credit for.

I’ll be playing with this brush a lot more over the next few weeks but I think I’m going to love it ! I love and use my smaller Rosemary & Co. Dagger brush from this series a lot in my sketchbooks, but for these larger pieces, I like the idea of a bigger brush. This is the first time I used the 5/8 inch dagger brush, and I have an even bigger one that I’ll be testing soon… You can see in this closeup that it’s just a fun brush to use and produces so many different line weights just by giving it a little twirl.


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3 Responses to The ones that don’t work out… and a new brush

  1. woodblockart says:

    There’s a lot to like in each of those color sketches – very nice!


  2. Stu-ttg-art says:

    I agree, both have their merits. With a tendency for me towards fig#1.


  3. Yep from the previous composition you gain knowledge of what to do in the second. Almost like revisiting a familiar experience!


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