Victorian Homes

Los Gatos, California has street after street of wonderfully preserved and restored homes. Here are a bunch of them, all on one block. These quick little sketches were made in a medium that’s unusual for me to use for urban sketches: charcoal, in stick and pencil form. Not the most practical thing to carry around, it tends to mark everything it touches, but so much fun to smudge and push around the paper. It’s sort of like having an ‘undo’ button: If you draw in a line to sharp, you can smudge it till you lose it.

This first set is very quickly sketched: each sketch no more than a few minutes.


And then I came upon this gorgeous Victorian home. Here’s a first 5-minute charcoal drawing of it. charcoal_h5

And while the house is lovely, it’s the tree in the front yard that really captivated me. It just begged for more than a quick charcoal sketch. So out came my watercolors and fountain pen. Luckily for me, today (yes, in early February!) was a 75ish degree day. Sunny. Clear. Perfect sketching weather.





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6 Responses to Victorian Homes

  1. Suma CM says:

    Love these, Suhita! What a moody medium!


  2. Wow. I feel like I am right there feeling majestic feeling of the houses! These are beautiful!


  3. johnahancock says:

    Ms. Shirodkar,
    We have never met but I have grown very aware of your sketching over the last few years. Back when I was art professor, I regularly showed students art work by artists that I thought would be helpful for them to see. 
    Well, in a few weeks I will be teaching a weekend sketching course to group of adult students. Part of the time we will be working on a tree-lined residential street. I would like your permission to show them this image of your.
    Thank you.

    John A. Hancock

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  4. johnahancock says:

    oops … ink and watercolor image! in this Feb.9th, 2016 blog post.

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