Chichen Itza, of course.

Everyone that visits the Yucatan Peninsula goes to Chichen Itza.And it is as spectacular as it looks in all the photos you’ve seen.

I think the trouble with sketching something I’ve seen so many photos of is that my sketch looks exactly like I think it will. Still, I sketch it because it’s the clearest view I’ve seen of a pyramid so far, and drawing it helps me understand the structure and be in awe, once more, of the people who built these gigantic structures.cancun_chicen-itza

I had more fun with this sketch of a stall selling masks. The carving on these masks is quite skillful. I was told that these masks are mostly carved in little towns around the peninsula, by farmers during the hot part of the day when they rest  indoors. Once a week, a truck goes around to all the villages and collects the finished masks to bring to the sellers here.
cancun_chicen-itza_masksWe brought home a jaguar mask to add to our growing mask collection.

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5 Responses to Chichen Itza, of course.

  1. Lee Kline says:

    To me, those masks are still folk art. I love them.


  2. Miss Keene says:

    Were you able to go inside the ruins? I did way back when but I’d imagine they’ve been blocked off now, I know Tulum has. A fun, steamy movie filmed on Isla, Chichen, Tulum and Akumal areas is “Against All Odds” with Jeff Bridges; by “steamy” I don’t just mean jungle ; ) I knew people on Isla who were there when it was filmed on that main street. Thanks for sharing your work, I enjoy it.


    • Nope, you can’t get near anything in Chichen Itza, and I can see why: there are SO many tourists going through everyday! Going to have to watch Against all Odds, thank you! Glad you’re enjoying these posts, there’s a few more coming.


      • Miss Keene says:

        Boy was I lucky, I visited “Chicken Pizza” several times and went up the pyramid and took photos on chac mool, went inside, climbed all over the Mayan bath. I even went jogging in the nearby jungle, down the highway I think – the olden days ha ha. Saw the light show at the ruins, too.


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