Sketching with friends

I usually sketch alone. But last week I had two short little sketch sessions with friends and I’m wondering why we don’t do this more often. There’s something wonderful in being able to chat about just sketching and supplies, sketchbooks and setup, and all those things only sketchers are excited about.

Thursday night at the Tap Room at our local Whole Foods. Sketching with watercolorist Uma Kelkar. Chatting, drinking wine, and not sketching much.


Friday afternoon sketching at Santana Row with Nina Khashchina. Here’s a shot of Nina’s fabulous setup.

And my sketches from our quick meetup.

I photographed this sketch of a street corner as I went along.

And one last one, of the front patio of the restaurant Left Bank.

It was extra-special to get so much sketching time in on my birthday. And even more fantastic that I came home to new sketchbooks for me to test:  A whole bunch of my favorite Stillman & Birn sketchbooks in soft cover. Am excited to use these and see if the lighter books make standing and sketching easier on my wrists.


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8 Responses to Sketching with friends

  1. Laurie says:

    I love your sketches and it is nice sometimes to see a photo to get idea of how detailed you get. I also love your color palette!


  2. How nice and you have lots of fun – and lots of sketchbooks I see to fill!


  3. zuzala says:

    Happy birthday!!


  4. Annie says:

    Thanks for sharing – as always – and happy birthday, keep it up!


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  7. Flop says:

    These are beautiful.


  8. theadventuresslife says:

    Wow. Love your style. This post came up on my WordPress Reader 🙂 I like that photo of your palette as well


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