Lego Robotics Competition

I was at my first ever Lego Robotics competition a couple of weeks ago. If you’ve never been before and don’t understand much about how the competition is structured, then it’s very hard to figure out what’s going on.  Two things really helped in trying to capture the action: watching the kids competing: Their body language was key in identifying when somethign went well, form when it didn’t. And, listening to the announcer ( compere? master of ceremonies?) to figure what was going on. Both the kids and the announcers could get pretty excited. The actual stuff that was happening on the actual lego was very hard to decipher.

So without much more comment, here are my sketches from the day. Our school had two teams: the Lego Legends and the Duck Dum-Dums. ( that’s what you get when you let 5th graders come up with a team name…)

Here they are competing against each other in a round. Duck Dum-dums in yellow ( yes, they won that round, can you tell?) and Lego Legends in green.





I loved all the team names: Pig Bots, Trash Trekkers, Spartans, and theRed Fire-Breathing NinjaBots all made it to my sketchbook.

And I had to sketch the only all-girls team in the competition that day. lego_robotics5


Hopefully, my kids will participate again next year. And I’ll be back to sketch. And maybe next time around, I’ll understand more of the action.


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3 Responses to Lego Robotics Competition

  1. Mary Downey says:

    Love these! Do you use watercolor paper or just regulate sketch pad?

    Sent from my iPhone



    • I use sketchbooks since they’re portable: this series is in a Stillman and Birn Alpha book which is a little thin and warps but still holds light washes well enough. For juicier washes and granulation, though, the Beta series form the same manufacturer works better.


  2. legopixelman says:

    i have my fist Lego robotic competition tomorrow.


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