This week in sketches

It’s getting cold even here in California, and my outdoor sketches are getting rarer. Last week, I ended up with just this one, from downtown Willow Glen, right by the old-fashioned La Villa Delicatessen. Lots of people strolling down the street, many of them with dogs. All enjoying the barely warm, watery winter sunlight.willowglen

Cafes are where I retreat to where it gets cold. Here’s a coffee shop with red cups. But not the ones that caused a controversy. Peet’s on another cold day.

Lots of persimmon featured in my sketching this week. Here are two sketches: this one in my usual pen and ink with watercolors.

And this one, a pretty gigantic piece, in water-soluble pastel, a new medium I’m having fun with.


And finally, one last sketch, of my plain little coffee mug and creamer pods. Sometimes the most mundane stuff is the funnest to draw because it makes you look at it really carefully. I particularly enjoyed finding the reflection of the creamer pods in the cup.

Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy the rest of your week! I won’t post here next week, but I will be sketching.

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5 Responses to This week in sketches

  1. Love the persimmons (both sets). Don’t you find that when you draw anything, particularly the commonplace, that you see it differently or more clearly thereafter? I love that about drawing.


  2. Susan Hancey says:

    What pen are you using for your drawings now? I love the medium thickness of the line. Not water soluble, right?

    Will be be seeing your Thanksgiving festivities?


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