Destruction/Construction Part 3


My nieces and I painted this Hokusai-inspired mural (you only see the right half of it here, it’s huge!) on a big empty wall at home a few years ago. That we painted it together was the hardest part of letting it go. But I’m telling myself I’ll never leave a wall white and blank for long, so there’ll be something new soon.

Strange that the mural never really ended up in a sketch until all the construction started and it was almost time for it to come down.Here it forms the backdrop to the men working on raising the floor. Sketched in pastels on a dusty brown paper which seemed a perfect reflection of the layer of dust that seems to cover everything at home these days.raising_floor

Here is the ceiling getting it’s first coat of primer, before the mural wall does…

And then coat#1 of primer goes over the mural, fading it back to a ghost of a wave. It’ll be a few more coats before it’s all gone, but goodbye, Great Wave!

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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4 Responses to Destruction/Construction Part 3

  1. Suzanne Tractenberg says:

    One of the blogs I get automatically almost every day.

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  2. Lee Kline says:

    Oh that brings back memories. Several years ago my daughter and I painted a mural on the wall of her daughter’s bedroom. I think my granddaughter was about three and today she is 15. They sold the house and before they left, they painted over my fantasy characters of giraffes and fishes and insects. I understand your feelings about painting over The Great Wave!


  3. Hi hello
    superbe ton article! j’adore!


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