Last week in sketches: a mixed bag

It finally feels like fall in California. Cold, grey and even a bit rainy. You can tell from my sketches because they move indoors: two coffee shop sketches this week, both at places which are serving coffee in festive red cups. Already??

starbucks-coffee peets-coffee

And a small little pumpkin sketch.

Some sketches from my weekly figure drawing session.

Also, demo sketches from the ‘Capturing Chaos: Drawing a Crowd” workshops I taught this week, in Berkeley and in Los Gatos.


Here’s my usual ‘sketching the sketchers’ sketch of the participants in my Los Gatos workshop.

Oh, and one last piece, a small study of my hand, done as a “notes-to-myself” study of light and shade. I find that drawing+writing notes in longhand is what works best for me when I’m studying. Not typing. Not making mental notes. Actually, physically writing them down, even if I never read them again.

And of course, practice, practice, practice till I learn to see what I’m looking for and draw what I see. What works best for you?

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7 Responses to Last week in sketches: a mixed bag

  1. First of all, I adore your artwork. I could look at it all day. Now for your question: I’m a kinetic and visual learner, so I retain information best if can I physically write it down and see it. Sometimes, if I know there’s a lot of information about to come my way, I feel as if I can only think properly while holding a pen or pencil in my hand.


  2. Exactly! Now I just wish that WHILE holding said pen or pencil, I could draw as amazingly well as you can!


  3. These are lovely 😃 so cool to be able to document all of your progress!


  4. Viktoria says:

    I recently went back to school, to study nursing, and I think that the last year´s drawing practice has changed the way I best absorb new information. I have drawn a lot, particularly during the anatomy course: skeletons, muscles, etc. I think following your blog (and other urban sketcher´s blogs) has expanded my brain! 🙂


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