Destruction/Construction: Part 1

I’ve always loved sketching construction work on the streets: the men in orange safety jackets, the huge machines, things that get broken down and then made new. So it’s a treat to get to sketch a process like that right at home. What started as a “maybe we need to fix that broken kitchen cabinet” grew into a huge project that I’ll try and document here in sketches.

This is Hari painting the front door before it was put up. Yes, it’s a bright blue, inspired by La Casa Azul.

Day 1. The crew arrives and a couple of hours later there’s nothing where there once was a kitchen. When you live in earthquake country, the houses aren’t made of brick and stone, and it’s amazing how little it takes to take a whole room down. A few hard knocks and a kitchen that stood for 44 years goes down.

Day 2: Pulling out old linoleum floors, putting up door frames.

Day 3: The very blue door goes up.

Day 4: Mr. Ali and his team of electricians come in. Snake-like wires dangle everywhere.

There was a day 5, but I forgot to sketch it. More destruction/construction sketches from the week ahead, coming next week.

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4 Responses to Destruction/Construction: Part 1

  1. Wuauuu Suhita that’s really an interesting place and moment to sketch! I should have done also ! You gave me a good idea for the next time!
    3 good things in it :
    – You draw (when I say “you” I mean “one”)
    – You control the work gets done
    – you don’t get stressed because the work isn’t well done, because as you are drawing you are happy !
    I speak from a BIG, large & long experience ;-))


  2. Wow!! This is awesome!! I love these sketches!! 👍🏻😃


  3. esclavounis says:

    These are amazing!!


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