The end of Inktober

Inktober’s almost over, and while I didn’t do close to a sketch a day, just thinking more about the inked line is interesting. For one, it means I can carry just a book and a single fountain pen most of the time. Like I did here: One Lamy Safari and a tiny Beta sketchbook is all I had with me when I sketched this palm tree that badly needed a haircut.


These next two pieces have a little bit of graphite added in.



But I’m never going to be working in monochrome all the time. I love color too much. Still, the line and greyscale work does seem to find it’s way into my color work. Like this little scene at a bar. Sumi ink and carbon platinum ink with watercolor.


And even though this one has a lot of color in it,the inkwork is what creates most of my tones and shapes.pumpkins

But as one of you commented a while ago, wouldn’t almost all my work qualify for #inktober? Like this sketch at a dandiya dance which is all about the movement and color, but there’s always line…


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8 Responses to The end of Inktober

  1. rebecca says:

    I really really love your color palette! really vibrant and earth and pure!


  2. Everything is so awesome! I love your sketches! ❤️😃 And I was wondering the same thing about Inktober…I nearly always use ink, but never understood if monochrome or “ink only” was a requirement of this challenge. I love color as well!


  3. Wonderful work, Suhita! I also finished the inktober (not yet post in any place). I learned a lot! Very difficult without colors! I decided to continue because it is a fantastic exercise for me, but in november I want to sketch one ink design and another (maybe the same) with loved colors. Thanks for inspiring me and teaching me with your continue work!


  4. sammulhern says:

    Great to be able to look through your Inktober pieces, I especially like the ones where you have used the graphite to add some more depth and allude to colour changes without actually using any.


  5. Susan Wilson says:

    Your work is always such an inspiration. Now I need to repainted a colorful tree I painted yesterday to see if I can find half of the life that you found in your pumpkins. Stunning work.


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