Inktober so far

I started the month of October thinking I’d do a little ink sketch everyday. It hasn’t happened. Still, I’m glad I have #inktober on my mind.  It reminds me to focus on penwork and not always use color to finish a piece.

Like these little gestural sketches. On the left, people walking out of the grocery store. On the right, Starbucks. It’s amazing how much a little color can convey in a black and white sketch.


These quick brushpen  and ink studies are from a figure drawing book I am currently reading: Life Drawing: How To Portray The Figure With Accuracy And Expressiongettural_from-book

A sketch from Sausalito. Looking back, it worked better without color. sausalito_hills_both

So I tried the no-color approach again with this piece.

My poor kids, they are the subjects of more sketches than they wish to be in.K_pen

Another inktober post coming up at the end of the month. Are you doing the inktober initiative? It’s never too late to start…

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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4 Responses to Inktober so far

  1. Thank you, Suhita. I’m drawing in ink every day a new subject (but I don’t post, it’s first time!), a very good eexercise! But last two days… well, tomorrow I have to do 3 inkdesign, and you are ispiring me with your last designs here.


  2. Beliza says:

    Hey Suhita! Great sketches! I love how expressive you can be even without colour. I’ve been doing inktober for the whole month now. So far so good. Hopefully I can manage until the rest of the marathon 🙂


  3. Katherine says:

    Hi Suhita!
    Love your sketches – particularly the gestural sketches from Starbucks.
    I’ve only recently taken up sketching and it’s my first year doing #inktober. I’m loving it!


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