I headed to Sausalito last week to check out locations for a workshop I teach this weekend. Getting there from San Jose means starting out super early to avoid the morning commute traffic, traversing San Francisco, and then crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. However many times I’ve crossed that bridge, it is always incredible. As soon as I got across, I took the first exit to the vista point. It was a surprisingly warm and not-too-foggy day and I could actually see the bridge. Sketch time!

Pencil first on this one, and a wee bit of pen with my finest pen at the very end. This whole piece is done with the Rosemary Dagger Brush, easily my favorite brush right now.

If my morning at Vista Point started quietly, it didn’t last. By the time that first piece was done, the tourists had arrived and how could I not capture this crazy crowd? So here is a very different sketch at the same spot.

One of the nicest bits about getting out to sketch is meeting other sketchers. I met up with Marin-based sketcher and teacher, Rhoda Draws, whose work you can see here. She suggested a few possible workshop locations in Sausalito that we checked out before settling on one. Then we sketched. No, we don’t have the gorgeous fall colors of Vermont, and we won’t have a White Christmas, but fall in Sausalito is fabulous for sketching.

Almost all of Sausalito is built on steep hills. Everything goes up, up  and up.

I’m excited to be back in Sausalito on Saturday teaching another Urban Sketching workshop. And I’ll be sure to get there well before workshop time to get more sketching done in this lovely city.

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7 Responses to Sausalito

  1. Hi Suhita,
    Love your Sausalito buildings and GG bridge. I am on your waiting list for this workshop, I hope. Please let me know if anyone drops out. I live in San Rafael and paint all over Marin County in oils. Since I am just starting urban sketching, I really want to take one of your workshops, here in Marin or anywhere in the Bay Area. Please let me know if a spot opens up. Stu


    • Hi Stuart, yes you’re on the waiting list but at this point everyone has pretty much confirmed they’re there on Saturday. But I’ll add some dates soon, especially if this almost-summer-like weather holds…


  2. Devon Hedding says:

    I am ready!!! Love her sketching and had no idea she is really an artist…

    Sent from my iPad



  3. Murigius says:

    Love your old town Sausalito drawings! The colored one stands on its own like the pen & ink one. I used to work at that cafe when it was Cafe Soleil back in the mid-90s. Am now enjoying drawing in the InkTober FB site.


  4. Athira says:

    Beautiful drawings


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