Portraits for a Fundraiser

Every year, my kid’s elementary school has a fundraiser and I paint little portraits to raise money for school. It’s 3 minute portraits at 5 dollars a portrait. Today I painted 40 of them in 4 hours. Here are some photos from the morning. Next to me is a sketchbook to sketch in during breaks between sessions.


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obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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7 Responses to Portraits for a Fundraiser

  1. zuzala says:

    These are # Fab!


  2. Mr Tookles says:

    oh you’re so good. delight to look at!


  3. What a fantastic idea!


  4. Totally brilliant! Can’t wait to meet you next weekend.


  5. Frank Langben says:

    We’ve had kids’ sketches (my grandkids’) for the third year now! You are fantastic — capturing each child uniquely and in a quite good portrait so quickly, and establishing rapport with each child!


    • Thanks Frank, it’s fun for me, and I like hearing that people have several years of portraits at their homes. I’t especially fun to re-draw the same kids every year: this was year #5 of doing this and it’s amazing how much those kids have grown up!


  6. Kirk Whiteside says:

    Great way to use your skills to make a difference!


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