Oops. Don’t know how I filled non-waterproof ink in my pens instead of my usual Platinum Carbon Waterproof ink. Sometimes mistakes like that make for surprising results.

Like this ‘Winchester Western Wear’ store sketch: I was originally attracted to the big red boot near the doorway, but ended up enjoying drawing the super-tall trees, the woodtype-style lettering and the car.


Or this sketch I made one evening, waiting for the blood moon to rise.

And then there’s this sketch of a construction crew at work. Drawn with my Lamy Safari, which deposits a lot of ink on the page (and drawn super-fast, which means the ink is still very wet when I come in with my watercolor).  So I get lots of bleeding with a non-waterproof ink.  Kinda fun, once I decided to go with the flow.

For contrast, here’s an equally quick sketch, made with waterproof ink. Even though I’m coloring seconds after my line is drawn, the line doesn’t smear. I sketched this milk delivery guy with his cans of milk in Chennai, India.

My favorite artist who works with non-waterproof inks is Norberto Dorantes. I love that he can draw a very precise line and then let it go and allow for it to smudge and run and do it’s magic when he goes in with his watercolors.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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1 Response to Oops

  1. Margaret Hunt says:

    Great sketches as usual!! I had some red mixed in with my beloved Carbon Black…and the red bled…..so odd looking…I actually like it by the time I painted the eighth or was it the twelfth sketch with odd red bleeds…refilled my red Noodler Konrad with Carbon Black without cleaning out the gorgeous diamine wild strawberry that was in it when my Noodler ahab started leaking like a sieve…how many ways can i say DUUUHHHHHHH??? Live and learn right???!


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