Wedding Music

Traditional music at a South Indian wedding is led by an instrument called a nadaswaram accompanied by thavil drums. You can listen to it here. It plays almost continuously at a South Indian wedding. To a trained ear, I’m sure it means more than the earworm it is to me. But I do enjoy watching the musicians play it. wedding_music_1

It’s easier to see how large those nadaswarams when the musicians are standing up.

Other music at the wedding? There was Bombay Jayashri, a famous Carnatic vocalist, best known outside South India for a song she wrote and performed for ‘Life of Pi’. She sang at the wedding reception as thousands of people streamed by to wish the bride and groom.


My favorite musician to sketch, though, was the violinist Karthick Iyer who plays fusion on the Indian violin. I love that he jumps around and bends and sways to the music: he literally becomes his violin and the music it plays.


If you missed my earlier posts of sketches from the wedding they’re here:
Sketches from the Mehendi Ceremony and Other sketches from the wedding.

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5 Responses to Wedding Music

  1. hugo costa says:

    Love it, as always 🙂


  2. Krishna Gaurav says:

    Hi, can i borrow a sketch with acknowledgement for my wedding card from this collection.


    • Hi Krishna Gaurav, I’m a professional artist and illustrator and while I often share my work and my process for others to see and learn from, I make a living off selling my work and usage rights to my work. I have discounted non-profit rates, but no, I don’t allow free usage, it would not be fair to my paying clients…


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