More wedding moments

Bits and pieces from an Indian wedding. Day 1 included the mehendi ceremony. Here are more sketches from different events.

As you entered the wedding hall everyday there’s always a lineup of beautifully dressed women handing out strings of jasmine (and conveniently, bobby pins) to put in your hair. The woman who is second from the right holds an attar dispenser that she lightly sprays you with as you walk by. Hanging from the ceiling are lotus blooms and in the doorway is a banana tree: leaves, flower and fruit.

Here are some quick drawings of women with the flower garlands in their hair.

What I was struck by was how many priests there were at every ceremony. This  little ensemble was perhaps a third of the priests who performed a ceremony: No bride and groom involved in this bit, it was the gods being married. The ceremonies involved a lot of chanting, ghee and flowers. The head priest (seated by the fire, facing front) was the only one in a colored veshti . The rest of the priests wore white silk veshtis. Everyone of them wore a sacred thread across their bare chests.

More priests from a different ceremony. Both the boys and the girls family had their own retinue of priests performing parallel (but slightly different) ceremonies. This is a part of the lineup I could see from where I stood during a long ceremony. The bright inverted paper cones contain offerings of sweets.

And this last sketch is actually after the wedding, but the only one in which I captured the bride and groom. This is a part of a smallish ceremony performed when the married couple first come home. After 4 days of  non-stop ceremonies and literally thousands of people to meet and greet, I was amazed that the bride still smiled through it all.

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7 Responses to More wedding moments

  1. This is so interesting, and the drawings are incredible.


  2. lackerley says:

    Just love these- particularly as I shall be drawing at a wedding soon!- love the vibrant colours and reality of them but no idea how you managed to capture so much of what presumably was a fast-paced event!


  3. Swati says:

    Wow! Amazing…love these


  4. lovely sketches… really well made !!!


  5. Harini says:

    Very uniquely portrayed. Like how you have shown people and crowd.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. writer S Sankaranarayanan says:

    excellent! you enjoy painting it seems…. best wishes

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Medha says:

    WOW, imagine capturing special moments in sketches
    You are really so good at this

    Liked by 1 person

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