No sketching

The last couple of weeks seemed like a no-sketch weeks. But then I looked through my sketchbooks and there’s been a few sketches I managed to slip in. Nothing big, nowhere exotic. A bunch of places I’ve sketched at before and enjoy sketching again and again.

Gunther’s in San Jose, always a lovely place to sketch, and the staff is super-friendly.


The Del Mar theater in Santa Cruz. For the best view and a comfortable seat while you sketch, grab an outdoor seat and a slice at the Pizza My Heart next door.

Amaya’s Shoe Repair. A quaint little shop I spotted just outside Downtown Morgan Hill. They also repair saddles.

Cafe sketches.

And the obligatory sketches-of-my-kids. Lots of them.

kids_hari_reading KN_boba KN_Cards KN_only


And when I was totally out of ideas, I drew a piece of ginger .

So maybe it’s wasn’t such a no-sketch period after all.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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6 Responses to No sketching

  1. Annie says:

    Always a joy and pleasure, Suhita, and love the pinks/rose, etc, .that seem a little different? Thanks for sharing!


  2. I’m gobbling up your wonderful loose sketches and looking forward to meeting you in Oct. in Marin!


  3. Margaret Hunt says:

    For not sketching these are great. Especially like the cafe ladies.


  4. Lynn says:

    Each one so full of life. Fascinated by the sketch where you noted ‘color first’ and then used the thicker Sailor on the left and thinner Lamy on right. That means you painted the color swishes and had to remember the pose before adding the ink on top right? Your models could not have stayed in the same position for the paint & liquid to dry – say at least 5 minutes? You are amazingly fast, have a stupendous visual memory, or likely both. WOW !


    • Lynn, that was super quick: the color and pen together couldn’t have taken more than a couple of minutes, atleast not the gestural part: the glass of boba, the straw, the shading on the hair and shirt came later.


  5. Genie Geer says:

    I recognized the ginger root right away. The different line you achieve in your work is great. Funny how we always think we haven’t done much lately, only to find at least one or two…..


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