Cambodia: A colorful Buddhist temple in Siem Riep

Wat Preah Ang is alive with color and life. The detailing on the roofs reminded me of flourishes at the end of calligraphic strokes. And the maximalist approach to decoration was a delightful change from the subdued palette of weathered rock at the Angkor temples.

This one? Same scene, 5 minute capture. I often do this quick second one once I understand what’s going on with what I’m looking at: It took me some time to figure that layered roof out in sketch#1, so I did a very quick second sketch before moving on.

Here, I worked with color first and then added some line. An assortment of stupas in front of the temple.siam_riep_temple9_colorful
And I am not exaggerating the color or decoration. If anything the setting was lusher and goldener- that really should be a word- than I painted it: See Laurel Holmes photos of it here.

One last sketch: the dormitories the monks live in, with saffron and red garments hanging out to dry. Laurel pointed this one out to me, she knows how much I love my bright colors. (Read her piece on photographing sketchers here.)

With that, it was goodbye to my friends (and the Cambodia). While goodbyes are always a little sad, with my sketcher friends they’re always “till we meet again”. Perhaps at the next Symposium? For sure online on the usk blog, or the facebook page which is open to all.

If you are thinking of making it to the next Urban Sketchers Symposium in Manchester, and are wondering what all they hype is about. maybe this wonderful video will help explain a small little bit of it.

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2 Responses to Cambodia: A colorful Buddhist temple in Siem Riep

  1. bmweeks says:

    I love the color and rhythm in these!


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