Cambodia: Tuk-tuks and other little bits

I spent a very short 3.5 days in Siam Riep, Cambodia, sketching with a very enthusiastic bunch of urban sketchers. My trip (and sketches) in no way touch upon the many, many aspects of this country worth exploring. Most glaringly, there is no reference to the devastating history of this country or the rebuilding of it. But one thing I know is that I will be back. For now, my trip was about tuk-tuks, temples and the wonderful markets and craft villages of Siam Riep.

Cambodia at first glance reminded me of India, but of a cleaner, less chaotic version of it: the markets were chaotic enough for me to feel at home, yet not as crazy as the fish markets I sketch in when in Goa. The tuk-tuks reminded me of autorickshaws but the traffic seemed a more controlled version of the chaos that is India.


There is something totally charming about tuk-tuks and tuk-tuk drivers. Most often you see a crowd of tuk-tuks parked together, the drivers chatting or napping in them. Some of them even hang hammocks in their tuk-tuks where they nap. Sketched on my very first evening in Siam Riep.
siamriep_tuktuk2Did I mention I sketched with a really enthusiastic bunch of urban sketchers? Here they are. Even more amazing, the 3 very brave spouses (top right) who actually spent that much time around a bunch of people who draw all day long.

On that first evening in Siam Riep, we ended up at Pub Street, the sort of street you see in every tourist town. Here’s some Cambodian beer sketched over dinner.

More from Cambodia, coming up in my next post.

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4 Responses to Cambodia: Tuk-tuks and other little bits

  1. You make it look so effortless!


  2. Those are definitely brave (and patient) spouses. It’s great to see all your work here. When I look at the tuk tuk sketches, I start sweating again thinking about how hot and tired we were. It was great spending time with you!


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