All my Waterloo Street Sketches

More from the Urban Sketchers Symposium, Singapore.

When you teach a workshop on Waterloo Street 3 days in a row, and you demo at every one of the workshops, and you go in a day early and draw on location, and draw between workshops on the same street, you end up with a LOT of sketches, all from one location. That’s exactly what happened. So here they are, many sketches of the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple (Chinese temple). All done in preparation for or during my workshop.

Can you tell I loved the umbrellas that said “No. 1 in Singapore”?



singapore_chinese_temple2 singapore_chinese_temple4   singapore_chinese_temple3

Once in a while, I took a break from drawing the temple and drew some other stuff: like closeups from the entrance of the temple. This first one of people making offerings of incense at the Chinese temple doors.


And this one at the South Indian temple right by it.

Further down the street, I found these vendors in the outdoor market. This lady was selling a speckled seed that she said brought good luck. She sold it hanging on keychains and on red string. If you know what this seed is, I’d love to know why it sold like hot cakes.

Another vendor sold this incongruous combination of lucky cats and a tea/coffee maker. He wore a microphone and loudly demonstrated the wonders of the coffee maker while the cats did this synchronized paw-wave beside him.

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