WORKSHOP: Capturing Chaos: Drawing a Crowd

singapore-uskI’m excited to be teaching a workshop again at the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Singapore. Last year I taughtone called Never Fear the People in Paraty, Brazil. This year I’m teaching yet another people-related workshop called Capturing Chaos: Drawing a Crowd. You can read about it in detail here on the Symposium website.

I love the challenge of drawing crowds. It is such an exciting balancing act: to capture motion and chaos and yet maintain the sense of order and direction that a crowd has; to capture a mass of people yet never lose the idea of them all being individuals. And then there’s the challenge of actually drawing so much stuff in a short time!

Here are some of my favorite crowd sketches I’ve done recently:





For anyone that’s never been, Urban Sketcher Symposiums are incredible. Check out the range of programming at this year’s Symposium! Besides the Workshops, just sketching with other sketchers who share your passion, exchanging ideas and watching them do what they love is inspiring. I’ve always come back home with a mind brimming with new ideas and exciting possibilities.

Hope to see you in Singapore. Online registration ends June 15th. Go here to register now.

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3 Responses to WORKSHOP: Capturing Chaos: Drawing a Crowd

  1. Gabriella says:

    This sounds exciting! Have you ever thought of teaching online lessons?


  2. I am soooo looking forward to taking your workshop in Singapore, Suhita!!!!!


  3. Hi Suhita, your sketches looks wonderful. I’m also with Grabriella, why don’t you teach this same workshop in an online course?. I’ve done a couple (Marc Taro Holmes and Sharu Blaukopf ones) by “Craftsy” platform and they were very useful and easy to follow. Please think about it!!! Or if you are going to lecture some similar workshop in Europe just let us know!.


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