Sketching in Goa: Part 3

Back to mangoes. My all-time favorite mango? The Alphonso mango. Lucky me, my parents own a mango farm and I visited during mango season.

This is what a fully grow Alphonso mango looks like. Green, with just the barest touch of yellow. Picked by hand, these fruits are ripened in hay and smell heavenly when they are orange-yellow and ready to eat. I sketched while I sat under a tree in the orchard in Deogad, Maharashtra.

Once the mangoes are ripe enough to pack, they are graded by size and shape and those with spots and blemishes are set aside. That’s my dad standing and watching the sorting and grading operation.
The mangoes then go into green cardboard boxes that hold 12 mangoes each.
Every box has a bright pink colored tissue paper that covers the mangoes when they are all packed.

Mango season is short: it starts with the hottest days of the summer and ends as soon as the monsoons hit India. During this short season, it is mango madness. The markets are overflowing with mango. And every little street vendor sits around with a basket of them. You can never have too many mangoes.


Because everyone loves mangoes!

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15 Responses to Sketching in Goa: Part 3

  1. tasia says:

    Beautiful pictures! Oh now I miss mangoes…..

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  2. Filled with nostalgia and love for the sticky sweetness of the mango now! Love your sketches and the words that go with them….

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  3. Swati says:

    Love these amazing sketches!! Being close by in Mumbai I can relate to them totally…. FANTASTIC sketches!!
    How do people react when you begin sketching in the market,on the road etc.? I am always squeamish about taking out a sketch book because I feel people will begin judging my sketches.:(

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  4. Wendie says:

    Thank you for sharing your trip through your beautiful sketches. Swati, people pull out their phones and cameras all the time. No doubt their photos aren’t perfect, but they are their memories. Sketch away!

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  5. Yes, everyone loves mangos! Thanks for sharing how interesting your family owns a mango farm!

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  6. Loving the sketches of your adventures in Goa, you are very talented!

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  7. B. says:

    Like the sketches! How many minutes do you spend on sketches like these? Do you add color on the spot? The Marc Taro Holmes book is a good recommendation. THX.

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    • Hi, I probably spend about 15 minutes on a little sketch and 45 minutes to an hour on a more detailed one. I do all the work on location and don;t touch the pieces once I’m off locations: so the line, color all of it I do on location . Some sketchers dfo add color off location. i find that most of the time I am trying to capture the light and just adding color later is more like coloring in a picture coloring-book-style if I work off location…. s it’s all together for me, but there’s no rules: do what works for you! And yes, Marc’s book is great.

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  8. dinahmow says:

    Mango!I live at the top of a street called Mango Avenue and at the far end, down by the beach, ancient mango trees line the street.In season, people take baskets and collect fallen fruit.True, some is too bruised or nibbled by bats, birds and possums to eat, but they are wonderful addition to cooked dishes.

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  9. Nancy Cunningham says:

    I lived in Bombay from 2002 to 2004 and I agree, the Alphonso mango is the best! Loved eating them standing over my sink. Also, boxes were sent to my office and kitchen staff peeled and sliced them for all of us to enjoy. Wish I had a few right now.


  10. Suri says:

    Mangoes! ❤ The MOST FAVORITE fruit of every person (at least in Mumbai) . You have PERFECTLY depicted the craze that goes with this fruit in summers, through your paintings! Awesome! 🙂


  11. vjtomvictor says:

    Great Indian beauty..!! 🙂


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