Gold Rush Day 2015

It’s Gold Rush Day today for the 4th graders at Los Alamitos Elementary School in San Jose, California. What an amazing way to make history come alive for the kids. I’m just back from a morning of  sketching. Here are some highlights.

Carol and Bruce and their wagon have been coming to school for 20 years. I could have spent all morning looking at and sketching the contents of their wagon and listening to their stories.

Here are the kids panning for gold. How can you go wrong with mud, water and a chance at finding ‘gold’ nuggets?

Once you’ve weighed and exchanged your nuggets for money, you can use the money to buy yourself a treat at the General Store.

Or you could hop over to the Salon to buy a drink.

While you’re at the salon, you’ve just got to stop by and play a hand or two of poker.

Not behaving? You could get put behind bars by the Sheriff.

Making jam and butter. The jam was easy: strawberries and sugar, mashed together. The butter was harder to make: It took a LOT of vigorous shaking of a jar of cream to turn it into dollops of butter.

And finally, the kids got to learn some knot-tying at the Miner’s Tent.

We’re lucky to be at a school that is teeming with fantastic teachers and volunteers that make events like this possible. Wish I could have stayed and sketched for the afternoon too!

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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3 Responses to Gold Rush Day 2015

  1. I love your sketches. They bring back memories of being a kid in CA schools and how alive Californian History was for me! Thanks!


  2. anne says:

    One can tell that you had at least as much fun as the kids! Fun, fun drawings, thanks.


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