Sheep Shearing

It was Sheep Shearing day at Hidden Villa Farms today. We’ve been excited about going to this ever since our last visit to the farm.

Here are Vicki and Hope, two of the border collies who were herding the sheep. It’s amazing how quietly and efficiently they rounded up the sheep and got them to head in the right direction.

sheep_shearing_3And here is the shearing of the sheep, a much quicker process than I expected.

A couple more quick sketches, each of which was made over the shearing of one sheep, which lasted 5 to 6 minutes. The sheep didn’t want to be brought out to be sheared, but once they were practically carried out, they were pretty docile.


My notes and sketches in a little accordion fold. Tinted paper and white sheep are just made for each other.
sheep_shearing_long_fullCloseups of the accordion fold:

sheep_shearing_long_1of2 sheep_shearing_long_2of2

And one last quick sketch, of the spinning wheels used to turn the wool into thread.sheep_shearing_spinning

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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4 Responses to Sheep Shearing

  1. Thats A nice story nicely Illustrated
    Thanks foe sharing
    Bybe bebye, Renata


  2. Sue Pownall says:

    These are lovely especially the ones in the tinted accordion.


  3. Really inspiring work.
    I have two of those wheels myself – the traditional & the traveller 🙂 They are made by the Ashford company in New Zealand.


  4. Margaret Hunt says:

    Hi, As usual your sketches are awesome!! Got my new Kuretake pen…LOVING it..thinking I will have to get some toned paper…these are just great!! Is that Strathmore or are you using Canson. I do have some Mi-teinte in a pad that would work!! Posting a bunch of accordion books and how to make them on my blog today. I made seven of them in the last two days!! Like potato chips…couldnt stop!! usual you are a great inspiration!!


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