Farm Animals

These are my sketches from a ‘farm tour’ at Hidden Villa Farms in the Los Altos Hills today. I sketched these as I tagged along with a moving group. I started by using just a brushpen (I love my Kuretake Sable Hair brushpen, refilled with carbon platinum ink) but pulled out my watercolor kit and juggled it all as I walked along after my first page of sketches. Using a combo of color and line was a quicker way for me capture what I wanted than just working in pen. The brushpen captured shape and gesture, and a quick wash of color added volume, pattern and texture.


At the end of the tour, I went back to draw my favorites, the sheep and new lambs. It’s surprisingly hard to draw a convincing sheep. And it was interesting to see how many sheep I drew before I could simplify them into basic forms.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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5 Responses to Farm Animals

  1. melisnorth says:

    Love these quick lively sketches of animals! The splashes of colour really make them pop.


  2. Grace says:

    What pen are you using. No. 40? There are several and some pretty expensive. Did you purchase it as a kit with the carbon platinum ink?? Love your work


    • Grace, not sure what size it is… I got a convertor for it so I’m not stuck with the ink refills available. And yes, they’re expensive. There’s also the Pentel brushpen, much cheaper and a nice pen for the price.


  3. joshcedar says:

    Fantastic pictures, lovely to see your great work.


  4. Jeanne Anson says:

    Your drawings/watercolors are so amazing. Thank you for sharing your process to perfection!


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