Too little sketching

Too little sketching this past week. How did that happen? Most of these are done today. Got to remember: sketch everyday. or atleast almost everyday.

Palo Alto airport on a very grey day. Lots of planes, many with ‘For Sale” signs. And an Aviation Fuel truck. The truck driver came over to have a look at what I was doing. Turns out he sketches too, he showed me his work. One of my favorite bits of drawing in location is the people I meet and the conversations I have.palo_alto_airport1
A car I’ve been meaning to sketch for a while. Know anything about cars? Help me figure when this one is from.This is what is know:
Chrysler New Yorker. As big as a boat. The back of the car said “Markley Ft. Collins”. Looks like a 70s car to me, (it’s that strange chalky yellow that looks greenish in the shade, a color I associate with the 60s, though).car_chrysler_new_yorker

And finally a sketch that isn’t a vehicle. My son, playing lego.

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obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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5 Responses to Too little sketching

  1. stellab103 says:



  2. Hello Suhita
    Nice drawings, you should reallu keep doing every day, even if its a small one. I encourrage youuuuu, I do it every day, some days they are better that others.
    I like your planes, and the style very wet. About the car, iI imagine between 1960 and 1970, as a child my father had a Comet, as you say like a boat!
    Nice about the lorry driver, I don’t go a lot outside to draw… Tomorrow I will be going with a friend to have lunch and draw in a cafe. I mignt put my drawings on my blog >>
    Bye bye Suhita, carry on


  3. melisnorth says:

    Lovely loose sketches, the airport is my favourite. It’s so easy to get out of the habit, particularly when your schedule is interrupted. Hope you get back into the swing of things!


  4. Pip Marks says:

    How do you manage to make a fuel tank look so good??!!


  5. Great post & sketches! It seems like I’ve had limited sketching time lately too. I love your style!


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